Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This is the question I get asked on a daily basis.  Why do I have to unload the dishwasher why do I have to take the dogs out, why does Rachel not have to do the above mentioned tasks.  Why are we eating that, doing this.  I get so tired of answering the whys but then again if we do not question we can not learn.  So when the girls asked why it was taking so long to get to Park City on Saturday I told them it was because we were taking the scenic route, now I guess at 11 and 13 that is akin to torture so for the rest of the trip I had to hear about WHY the scenic route was stupid, dumb and had no good stores on it.  Well I promised them that day that I would not do it again, but then this morning while pondering todays class leason and looking over pictures of the trip I came across this one that one of them had taken out of the window when we were driving and I had an answer to why we took the scenic route.  Also I hate to break promises girls but we will be taking the scenic route again, maybe not this year but it will happen because I like pictures like this and the memories that they will one day hold for you too.  So the answer to WHY? is truely because I say so.

It has been harder keeping up 2 projects at the same time than I thought it would  be but I am managing.  It is also hard to get good photos of LO's when it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home.  Oh well winter does not last forever.


  1. Beautiful pictures on your layouts and I really like the layouts themselves too. The tree patterned paper is really cool. We always took the scenic route when we were on vacation in the western US and I remember grumbling about it then. We always saw the best stuff, though, and we have such fond memories of those trips.

  2. And that is a _good_ reason :-)

  3. Gorgeous layouts. And I love your writing :)

  4. Great layouts! My kids know that I always take the scenic route and one day I bet your kids will remember and appreciate it. My Grandparents always took the back roads and we had to stop at every Histerical (Historical) site but then we also always stopped for soft ice cream cones. I learned from the masters.

  5. I love your layouts and that stream of consciousness writing. My dh and I take the kids for hour + long drives all the time. They've learned to stop asking why, LOL, and we love the scenic route!

  6. great layouts!
    your blog is fantastic!
    p.s we are classmates in Shimelle's class