Sunday, November 29, 2009

What says Christmas to me

Cookies and nothing says Christmas cookies more than these tins. That my mom used to store cookies in when I was a little girl.  Christmas cookie baking would start in late October and the cookies would all go into these tins to wait until Christmas.  You can imagine how happy I was to find some of these tins in my garage after our last move, they still have the tape on them that my Mom wrote what type of cookie was in what tin.  I hope that these tins stay in the family filled with cookies for many more years to come.
Join me on December 1st when I join the Christmas Cookie Swap Blog Train for lots of yummy cookie recipes to share with your family.

Oh and since this one had the store name still intact I looked up the store Collin Street Bakery and it is still in business.  I remember the very best fruitcake coming once a year to my Mom in these tins from her Aunt and Uncle.


  1. Those tins are so familiar! My parents still order a cake from Collin Street Bakery every year - it's been a tradition in our family pretty much since I was born. We also use them for storing various baked goods during the year! Looking forward to the cookie recipes...

  2. Lovely memories! And such a pretty tin :)

  3. yep, they are still in business. I get one of their fruitcakes from my uncle each year!