Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays in Hand starts today!

I had almost forgotten that I had signed up for this class at Jessica Holidays in Hand.  It is a week long class and as such I should be able to handle it although my class work will have to be done mostly here on the blog because as of tomorrow I will be working in Park City and living the rest of my life 5 hours away in St. George.  Since it is a good career move I am happy but it does leave me without a computer 3 days a week and without paper scrapping supplies at both places as I have packed up most of it.
Todays assingment was to list our goals now I am not sure if these are holiday goals or goals for the class but I am going with holiday goals.
1. I want to remember the holidays as they happen
2.I want to spend more time making the holidays special not buy what I buy but by what we do to celelbrate them.
3. I want traditions that are ours, not ones just that I have brought forward from my parents.  Does anybody really need 10 types of scandinavian and german christmas cookies.  What about Christmas cupcakes?  or something else the kids find more fun to eat and make.
4.  I want to buy less, and not feel guilty about it.
5.  I want more famly time and less time worrying about making things look perfect for those looking in from the outside.
6.  I want a white Christmas-Park City in my rented room with all of us together sounds perfect to me.


  1. You will get your white Christmas in Park City. Have faith. You are starting a new chapter in your life and it is normal to have nerves of about it. I would be freaking out too. Just take it one step at a time and try not to get too worried about it. It will all go fine and it will become your new normal.


  2. I signed up, too, but I may put if off for a week until after another on-line class I'm taking finishes up.
    Nice list of goals.

  3. Good luck with the 'new chapter' in your life. I hope you get a White Christmas!

  4. Good luck with your goals. I am doing this class as well.

  5. I am also doing this class. Good goals!

  6. I love your list of goals, it's about the real things and those important to us. Too easy to forget. I don't bake at all, but I'll try to make som homemade sweets this year. Marzipane soaked in Bailey's surrounding a nougat center - and then dipped in chocolate, how does that sound? Yummy, to me ;)

  7. Gladie your candy sounds wonderful to me too.

  8. I'm doing the class too but can't imagine doing it with a new job and everything you have going on!