Thursday, January 15, 2009

a no picture week

Well there will be pics from this week but not until I find the camera. I took a pic of Abby sleeping in and not getting up for school and after that I misplaced the camera.
Other than misplacing camera it has been a week of note. I started a new position with the hospital the first time I have been away from patient care in 17 years. New position deals with computers and lots of numbers so it looks to be challenging but I think I will like it. Still going to do some fill in for Mom Baby to keep my skills and such.
Puppies are growing like weeds and are cute as little bugs. I wish it was easier to get cute action shots of them than it is, but you will have to believe me when I say that they are the cutest things ever.
Not much else to say, for this week except that it looks like I am going to be on the Color Country Equestrian Club as the show and board secretary. Maybe I will actually start to ride at some time this year.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow fun-Surfer Style

Well the weather has warmed up her in St George but a little over 30 miles away lies Pine Valley and it is full of snow, kids wanted to play so up we went, although at 12,10 and 16 you would think they would remember to wear socks in their boots and bring gloves. Not my children who although have been State side for the last 10 years are true to their roots and think shoes are a work of the devil and that socks are a close second.
After 10 min they were begging to go home and get their poor little piggies warm and dry. Le Wee did have fun skim boarding on the frozen lake, and the bundle I think was trying snow swimming out as a sport.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad day

The day did not start off on a very bright note, my aunt who is one of the nicest people that I have ever known sent out an email saying that her cancer was worse and that the doctor only is giving her 6 months or so. She sounded up beat and better than I am sure I would in the same situation but my thoughts and prayers are with her every day.
Then it was my last day on the mom/baby unit. I love the people that I work with and will miss them so very very much. I know that I am making a good career move but still they are my family and friends her, except for my kids and sister and not seeing them every day will be very hard.
On a bright note Rachel came to visit from California and she looks great and seems to be enjoying her experience as a traveler, it was so great to see her and I really hope that I can see her next week when I am in Southern California for training.
Le Wee and I went and saw Bride Wars, not all that great considering the bulbs in the theater were partially burned out and I think all of the best parts are in the trailers but it was some great girl time for the 2 of us and then we hit TJ Maxx for some jeans for her and more Vera Bradley stuff for my new office.
Today's picture is the Bundle looking that the insides of my new pillow, not a great shot but it was a bit of together time after a rough week of the preteen hormones that seem to have taken over her life.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Journaling for week one is complete!

Well today while the kids were at school and after I got up late after a late night learning PSE 7. I looked through my stash and found papers that I wanted to use for the first month of my project 365. I am very thankful for the huge stash of page kits I have. They seem to be themed to a month and there is just enough product in them to complete a month. I also found in my stash some very cool date stamps from CTMH that I plan on using through out the album. Still am looking through the stash for days of the week stamps, but I did have some old Chatterbox bookcloth stickers with days so that is what I used, also used a Fancy Pants Stamp and CTMH ink and for the first month I am using Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl papers and embellishments.

The first week

I really wanted to try and doing Becky Higgins 365 album this year but for many reasons was not able to get one ordered. Oh well I thought I have plenty of paper and embellishments and even a few extra albums I can do this my self. So I started taking pics the week of Christmas, knowing that I was going to Oregon to see my parents and younger siblings plus my dd.
The trip proved to be full of wonderful times and lots of driving, and I was not disappointed in it at all. It was a great time had with family and the kids were really great traveling companions. So was my sis and Stella the best travel dog ever. Kai really only said bus about 30 times the whole trip so it was great.
I had a hard time picking only 7 pics for the week, but did narrow it down to that and the rest will be scrapped some day in some album I am sure, but the 7 that I have I am happy with, even though some of them are out of focus and some make sense only to me, they really represent my week, at least to me.
Can not wait to sort through this weeks photos. There are sure to be some puppy ones in there this time as they are getting so cute and big.