Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun and themes

Ok so the last 2 days of Shimelles class kinda have me stumped, I mean I should be able to blog, or scrapbook about FUN right.  I mean why else scrap if it is not fun, of course it is but yesterday I could not come to the conculsion that it was ok to scrap about scrapping and so I was stuck, I could not blog I could not scrap.  Ok so I finally did a LO about FUN and Disneyland, but of course that seems so cliche of course Disneyland is fun and our last trip there was really not that fun at least for me. 4 sets of teenager hormones had me wanting to go find a place to hide under a rock.  So I really could not post that LO because I did not think it worthy of the class.  Silly me of course any creative endever is what I am aiming for so I am not going to let that stop me in the future. Then todays prompt came, patterns well anybody that knows me knows that my life is anything but ordered, I mean except for getting up and going to work in the mornings any thing can happen on any day of the week.  Such is the joy of living with 3 children and 2 dogs that are anything but predicatble, throw in a sister 3 dogs and 3 horses and life is chaotic at best.  So maybe I need some order one thing besides work that I can fall back on a regular basis and maybe my blog is a place for that to happen, so starting tomorrow at least for the next month I will have 5 on Fridays. 5 of my favorite things to do, see, use maybe even a Christmas cookie recipe or two.  I will see how much I like introducing a little structure into my chaotic life, and hey if it can work on a blog maybe it will work with chores to( well a Mom can hope right).


  1. I'm in your blogging class as well and the last two days did make me rethink a few things but I think that I needed it. I think that you should post your Disney layouts and continue to have fun otherwise why post? I have enjoyed reading your post and think that you should just keep going and slowly incorporate Shimelle's suggestions as you figure out how they work with your life. Aren't you glad I voiced my opinion? Something about the web makes it easier to say what we think for the good or not so good.

  2. Tammy I am glad you posted your opinion and I will post the LO if the light is right to take a pic when I get home. Thanks for your comment.