Saturday, April 23, 2011

How do I do this from my iPad

I love this thing and am hoping that it will help me with my studies, for those of you that do not know I went back to school April 1st to get my masters in nursing leadership and management.  I also want to keep my blog current to help me remember my time in school the first time around 20 years ago seems like such a blur, maybe that is because I had 2 small children and all I did was be a mom and a student.  This time around I am still a mom but also have a full time job that I love.  Abby my youngest is now home schooled so I am hoping that we can get some time to study together.

This is Bri in China when I visited her in Feb, we are hoping that I can take the girls there in October for the National Day holiday.
Ok well enough rambling I am going to go back to work/studying and hope that this works and I can start blogging again.