Friday, July 22, 2011

Explore and perfection

I of course could not blog yesterday about perfection because that would have been what I should have been doing for this class, but I did make a post in class and it seems to me that it sums up my feelings about perfection perfectly. So here it is and those of you that are in Shimelle's class that have read it I am sorry for the fact that you are reading the same thing twice.

Was thinking on perfect all day, never got to my photo because I could not get the perfect shot, never got to the blog because I did not have the perfect words. Never got to a scrapbook page because there was not the perfect paper. But in reality I know that nothing man made is ever perfect, we are good, we are even great but we are not perfect and I rarely strive to be. Just ask my kids I am far from the perfect mom or the perfect cook or housekeeper. But on the way out the door looking over my not so perfect yard thinking I needed to weed badly there was a beautiful perfect flower, not any flower mind you but a thistle and in its tenacious hold to be where it should not be I did realize and think that nature is pretty perfect after all.