Thursday, January 15, 2009

a no picture week

Well there will be pics from this week but not until I find the camera. I took a pic of Abby sleeping in and not getting up for school and after that I misplaced the camera.
Other than misplacing camera it has been a week of note. I started a new position with the hospital the first time I have been away from patient care in 17 years. New position deals with computers and lots of numbers so it looks to be challenging but I think I will like it. Still going to do some fill in for Mom Baby to keep my skills and such.
Puppies are growing like weeds and are cute as little bugs. I wish it was easier to get cute action shots of them than it is, but you will have to believe me when I say that they are the cutest things ever.
Not much else to say, for this week except that it looks like I am going to be on the Color Country Equestrian Club as the show and board secretary. Maybe I will actually start to ride at some time this year.

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