Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The first week

I really wanted to try and doing Becky Higgins 365 album this year but for many reasons was not able to get one ordered. Oh well I thought I have plenty of paper and embellishments and even a few extra albums I can do this my self. So I started taking pics the week of Christmas, knowing that I was going to Oregon to see my parents and younger siblings plus my dd.
The trip proved to be full of wonderful times and lots of driving, and I was not disappointed in it at all. It was a great time had with family and the kids were really great traveling companions. So was my sis and Stella the best travel dog ever. Kai really only said bus about 30 times the whole trip so it was great.
I had a hard time picking only 7 pics for the week, but did narrow it down to that and the rest will be scrapped some day in some album I am sure, but the 7 that I have I am happy with, even though some of them are out of focus and some make sense only to me, they really represent my week, at least to me.
Can not wait to sort through this weeks photos. There are sure to be some puppy ones in there this time as they are getting so cute and big.

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