Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st and it is Time for LSNED


I can not wait to get back into scrapbooking, over the last 2 days I have gotten a desk and some supplies in this little room. I do not have everything that I am used to but that is ok. I am learning to deal with less and that is good. Actually I guess that is my lesson for 9/1/10. Scheduled for surgery on my knee tomorrow which has me a little worried, last time I had surgery things did not turn out so well I am really hoping that they go better this time.
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  1. Everything is going to go well, and you will get just sick of doing all the home things you've been wanting to do :) Hard way to get a vacation though! hugs- Mommy

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{{Huggles}}}}}}}}}} hope that everything goes well this time.
    like the look of your covers