Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new class at starting September 1

I am so excited for this class to start, I did it last year and just loved it although I still need to bind my book.  This year I am going to be having knee surgery on September 2nd so I do not think that I will get alot of paper scrapping done, but am hoping to do digital and my blog because I am sure I am going to be learning alot especially about PT as the month goes on.  It is fun to look forward to something in September as the kids head back to school, they started on Thursday and the house felt so empty without them.


  1. What type pf surgery are you having done? I had both knees operated on at the same time back in March. Torn meniscus and arthritis in both. Work like a horse while doing PT but continue on a daily basis after they release you from PT!!! It matters trust me, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice Beverly. I am having the meniscus in my left repaired and my ACL, LCL and menicus done in my right along with a couple of torn muscles that have to be repaired too. I am actually looking forward to PT because I want to get the tightness out of my right leg.