Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I am sitting here at work and feeling kinda sad that the kids have grown up past the point that they really want to celebrate Halloween. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday but I did enjoy watching the kids enjoy the holiday. This year the only one that is going to dress up and go out is Abby and even she does not want to do a pumpkin with me today. What is a mom to do. I know that they will get into the spirt for Christmas though because they are already talking about how the house should look this year. I think we will be doing blue white and silver this year because I want to showcase snow being as for the first time in all of our lives we will be in an area that actually should have lots of snow for Christmas.
Ok well enough of my rambling for this morning, I hope to carve a pumpkin this afternoon and make up some pumpking seads(my favorite part of the pumpkin).

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  1. It's always sad when the kids don't want to play any more - I think maybe that's what grandchildren are for!(not that I've got any. But you know what they say - You don't stop playing because you stop playing,you grow old because you stop playing - well that's my excuse anyway :)