Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall in the desert is so odd!

Yesterday it was snowing not 10 miles from my house tomorrow it is going to be almost 80. I got used to the hot summers just barely and now we are almost to freezing at night except of course for when it decides to warm up. Poor kids have no idea as to what to wear from day to day. I guess fall here is like spring in Oregon, unpredictable at best.
Todays picture was taken off of the front balcony of the house just looking down the street. I usually get to scrap on Fridays but not today I worked a full day and then had to clean the kitchen and I have to work tomorrow so no staying up late for me.
Hopefully I will be able to at least get a pumpkin carved tomorrow and some pics of Abby dressed up as a Nerd. She comes up with the best costume ideas most years.


  1. That weather sounds really odd! Here in the Uk the temp only varies a few degrees! (Linda from Shimelles class)

  2. LOL - so glad it isn't only us Brits who talk about the weather :). Love your photo!