Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

I know that this is something that I should have posted in July when we were getting these wonderful weekly packages of produce from bountiful baskets but I never did get around to it.
I really enjoy fresh produce, having grown up on a mini farm in Oregon I am sure that I did not know that peas can frozen from the store until I was in High School My mom was a great gardener and all of our meals always contained fresh or freshly canned fruits and veggies that we had grown ourselves.
Well as an adult I have never had the land to go the veggies that my mom did but I did discover a wonderful way to get fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables into the house on a weekly basis. Bountiful Baskets is a great food co-op that provides the best of the best on a weekly basis. My only problem with them has been that the pick up is on Saturday mornings and it is hard to get there after a 12 hour night shift, but I do try to get a basket on the weeks that I am not working.
Why you ask am I posting about this today, well there was an email from them in my inbox today that said this
"Dear Amber,

We suggested on Facebook tonight that it might be fun to connect a few families with a dietitian to help them use their Bountiful Basket to give their diet an overhaul to meet their health goals. The families and dietitians will all blog about their experiences so the rest of us can learn some new tricks and hopefully get healthier and more motivated as we watch their success. Hundreds of families responded that they would love to do this. We realized we needed a better way to select who would be the lucky families!

If you are interested please follow the link, and fill out the survey. We hope to get this going by November.

Sally & Tanya"
and it really got me thinking what a great opportunity this would be for all of us. Rachel as an average teenager could use some healthy eating tips, Abby and I could both use to eat better and loose some weight and as a pre-diabetic it is very important for me to do so, and I would love to be able to have a dietician work with Kai and see what part diet plays in his autism.
I know that it is a long shot that I would be one of the chosen families but this is something that has gotten me very excited.
Here are a couple of pictures I took of one of our wonderful baskets this summer.

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