Friday, October 15, 2010

My very first GIVEAWAY!

Well as some of you may know I have started K12 with Abby instead of the local middle school.  I feel that this will hold both of us more accountable for her education and hey she can do it sitting on a bar stool in the family room or the dinning room table.  So far her favorite place to learn is a couch in the living room.  I like this too as it is a very long couch and we can both curl up on it and read or work on math together.
Fall is deffinately  in the air here, and luckly we got the heater fixed just in time since there has been frost on the ground the last 4 nights.
Now to the giveway-I have been given the opportunity to giveaway a $35.00 gift certificate to  CSN Stores who could not use a little retail therapy?
So post a comment on the blog by 10/20/2010 at midnight MST and I will draw a winner.
The only catch to this is that you must live in the US or Canada to be eligible for the drawing.


  1. Wow! Great post! Love the pumpkin picture! AMAZING! Your daught a very talented and smart girl! Bye bye!

  2. Wow,.that is a BEAUTIFUL pumpkin pic! Glad to see you have a blog and I've never heard of CSN stores! Glad to see your posting more lately Amber! It's good to "see" you!!!

  3. excellent pic amber!! forst, really?? wow!! education is such an individual thing. every child id so different! good for you for being a great mom!!!

  4. homeschooling has taught me how not to school and how different each of my children are. it seems you are embracing that and that is wonderful... that photo is just stunning... i adore it!!

  5. Such a beautiful photo! I just figured out how to incorporate actions into my photos and am having so much fun!

    Now I need a cool picture like that to work with. :)

  6. Love the photo! Thanks for the giveaway too! I wish my middle school years had been spent learning on the sofa!

  7. You're famous Amber! Great photo by the way!